What is GaperGuide?

GaperGuide is an ultra-simple GPS device that sits on the dashboard of your car and talks about what you are seeing – at exactly the time you are seeing it. It knows where you are! It will show you the geology, the ecosystem and its plants and animals, the history (people and places), weather, water, and more! It will also tell you about sights nearby – info to help decide if you want to stop there or keep going and whether to go right or left and why!

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The name

gaper  (gā'pər), n. 1. Person who gapes in openmouthed surprise or wonder.   2. One who stops and stares at something and says, “What is that?”

Our electronic audio guide tells "gapers" about the parks as they drive, it is a gaper-guide.

The idea

One afternoon in April of 2005, Katie Lee and Will Ferguson were hiking up Garnet Canyon in Grand Teton National Park, and Will had not been living in the Jackson area very long so he was pointing at stuff and asking a lot of questions. Katie had been living in the valley and hiking the Tetons for several years, so she answered the steady stream of questions with the history, stories and statistics she knew, and the rumors she had heard. On the hike back down, they got to talking about how “cool it would be if there was a device that would tell you all these things as you traveled around” and the idea for GaperGuide was born. The idea really includes all modes of transport where you might see things that you have questions about, but the first version of the Guide is for the vast majority of travelers in Grand Teton and Yellowstone: people driving cars.

Will Ferguson – Co-Founder

I grew up in Southern California, but developed my love of the national parks during road trips across America with my parents in a 1972 Honda Civic. Just about every summer we made a loop through New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Wisconsin to visit family and see the country from the car. We tried going through all the parks we could, but with my mom navigating and the map blowing in her face and my dad driving past the off-ramps, I'm sure we missed a lot. My little grey mutt Caboose and I watched it all go by and wondered about what we were seeing. I still prefer to drive when I am traveling, and usually have a collection of guide books and maps to look at when I stop. If you share my curiosity about the natural wonders of the U.S., I think we can help you satisfy it.



Katie Lee – Co-Founder

I grew up in both Northern and Southern California, and when I was in high school I discovered Joshua Tree and climbing. My love of climbing and mountain-biking drew me to the National Parks and like many of the people exploring the parks on my own, I ended up working for various lodges and concessionaires in the Park system, including Grand Teton and Yosemite. I have lived in or near Jackson, Wyoming for the last six years, and spent as much time as I could exploring.

Please let me know what you think of the tour.