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Thank you for all your help with the guide & Yellowstone.  We had a great day, learned a lot plus would have missed so many things without the guide.  Of course we couldn't do all of them because of time or snow.  We would definitely rent again if we ever get back to Jackson Hole. 

Cheryl & Vanessa D.

I would just like to say that my wife and thought gaperguide was fantastic.  It was full of very interesting information about the areas we were visiting in both Grand Tetons & Yellowstone.

We found it very informative in regards to what areas to go for great scenery, as well as the types of trails, ie, difficult, moderate or easy.

I would not hesitate to recommend gaperguide to friends who are visiting the area and are unfamiliar with the parks.


Joe Van Z.

Great tool, we met another group on a raft trip and told them of your equipment. The only problem I see is getting it in front of the people. Maybe at the entrance gates?

Worked great for what we wanted.


Clifford E. M.

Thoroughly enjoyed using the Gaper Guide in Yellowstone. Saved us alot of time knowing exactly what to look for and where. Wish we would have had one to rent in Glacier National Park.  It is such an exceptional product that you are offering.

Thank You

Evelyn S.

What a great product!  Combined with the suggestions you gave us in your office in Jackson on the map of the Parks, we used Gaperguide for the last three days and it made our trip much more enriching.  From the side-road suggestions to the fun facts, it gave our family of four (46, 45, 15, 12) interesting history and science that we all enjoyed at every point we visited.  We would have missed some of what turned out to be favorite stops.  Had we researched the Parks for 6 months, we would still not have been as prepared.  The only issue we had is that the suggestions sometimes came very close to the turn-off.  Maybe I was driving to quickly.

We will definitely recommend it to anyone headed your way.  Good luck!

Rupert B.

Enjoyed the GaperGuide experience greatly. It was more than we expected. I recommend anyone traveling Yellowstone/Grand Teton area to get one in Jackson or any other entry point. It was invaluable for the info it contained. Example: We would have passed a little log cabin by the side of the road with just a glance if GaperGuide had not told us that cabin was the one used in the movie Shane. Now we have a picture of us next to this historical (Hollywood) place.

Bob S., Brentwood, California

This is a very useful and handy device.
It was completely accurate in pointing out the different sites we were approaching.
I would recommend this to other travelers particularly  those traveling in RV's or multi-passeneger vehicles. 
Additionally, the person in Jackson from whom I rented the device was also extremely helpful with tour suggestions as well as technical advice.

Michael T.

The guide was great!! We enjoyed it and got so much more out of our trip around Yellowstone because of it, o will be sure and tell friends about it.

Suzanne E.

LOVED IT! See the attached picture with my kid :-)

So helpful. Driving through Yellowstone and Grand Teton in one day. Gave us a lot of info ahead of time so we didn't have to stop and every sign post. We heeded the "strong recommendations" and weren't dissapointed. The story about the man with the wife who played the violin in the tree while naked was a nice touch. The info about getting into the Old Faithful Geyser parking area was great, you were right It can be confusing". I liked the info on the petrified trees, I didn't see a sign marker for that, so I probably wouldn't have known otherwise.

I appreciated when it told us we were about done and led us generally into the area where we were supposed to drop it off. But there could have been a little more information (the jackson hole drop off site) because was kind of looking for a gas station right in the middle of the parking lot. But it turned out to be way on the side. But maybe I was tired by then.

I saw in W. Yellowstone a machine for another GPS guide. Did not check it out.
Debbie M.

I wanted to let you know how much we loved the Gaperguide.  We used it on Monday through the Grand Tetons. It was so informational and we loved the fun facts.  We already had a guided tour scheduled for Yellowstone on Tuesday.  I wish I had know how good the Gaperguide was going to be and we would not have scheduled the guided tour.  The Gaperguide is great in the fact that you can stop and take as much time as you want and then it picks right back up when you start driving again. I would highly recommend using the Gaperguide to anyone touring the parks – skip the guided tours and save your money!

One question – one of the fun facts mentioned a hurricane in Jenny Lake back in the 70s.  Coming from Houston, we couldn't understand how a hurrican could hit a lake.  I've googled a hurricane for Jenny Lake but haven't been able to come up with anything.  Can you provide more information – we found that very interesting.

Your fans,
Patti M.

Good Morning Will.
It's Lisa here- the one with the million questions and loud excitable father from yesterday.
We dropped the GaperGuide and cable in the box last night. I think that's all we needed to do right?

My father and I had an awesome day in Yellowstone and we were so glad we had the GaperGuide. We both thought you have done a fantastic job with it.
To my relief, my father was glad I talked him out of a guided tour and went with you and a rental car instead. We covered a lot of ground  and although he was hurting by the end, he was so happy he had the time to get out and hobble out to all the lookout points (something he probably would not have done on a tour since he walks so slow).
As a photographer I really appreciated the heads up on places to stop- not to mention my father wouldn't object to us stopping if you recommended it. And just when he started freaking out and second guessing my navigation…you would come on and confirm that we were indeed going the right way!
It was a great way to spend his birthday and our last day.
We caught the beginnings of sunrise on the Tetons on the way out this morning which made it that much harder to  leave….en route now with a 4 hour layover at LAX.

I looked for a fan page on Facebook and a "like" button on your website. I was going to "like" your page and write a glowing review! Well I'm going to give you guys the big thumbs up to the hotel desk and will definitely recommend the GaperGuide to people visiting the area in the future.

Best of luck and I hope to see you in other National Parks soon! (I think the Kings Canyon/ Sequoia parks and general area is in desperate need.)
Thanks for taking the time to get us squared away yesterday.

Lisa J.