The pricing for GaperGuide's tours are by the day, or half-day, and there are significant discounts for multi-day rentals!

The tour is guaranteed. If you don't like it, you don't pay.

Renting for one day means that you need to have the guide back to one of our rental locations by 8am the following day. It's a little like renting a DVD, but a lot more useful in the parks!

½ day      =   $25.00          rent & return before or after 3pm

1 day       =   $44.98          return by 8 am the next day

2 days     =   $79.98           11% discount

3 days     =   $114.98         15% discount

4 days     =   $144.98         20% discount

5 days     =   $169.98         25% discount

6 days     =   $189.98         30% discount

7 days   =     $210.98         33% discount

A half-day is renting and returning the guide either before 3pm or after 3pm.  Additional rental days after 7 days will be billed at $30.14 per day, plus tax is applicable. 

Your card will not be charged until you return the Guide.

NOTE: we have discovered that the guides DO NOT WORK in 2012 HYUNDAI SONATA cars (and possibly later models) or 2014 GMC YUKONS (but will work if you turn off the navigation system in the vehicle).  There is apparently some electronic interference in the dashboard.

2014 guide rental prices, not including tax if applicable.  prices subject to change without notice.

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